Lucy & Alice

Hello, my name is Lucy and this is my sister Alice, with her favourite mouse.

Alice is a bit of a clown, whereas I am the sensible one.

As you can see, we have a very comfortable life but that has not always been the case.

I’m not sure where we were born but we were homeless so some people caught us and took us to the Wingecarribee Animal Shelter.  We also had a brother who was ginger.  We were about 10 weeks old when my sister and I were adopted together.  Our brother was adopted by another family.

Everything was fine for a while but then our owners had a baby.  We were a little bit naughty and wanted to sleep with the baby so our owners returned us to the shelter. That was very scary as we thought we would live with our owners forever.  However, we were very lucky because we were only at the shelter a few days and a lady came and adopted us.

That was in 2015.

Now we live in Bundanoon in a lovely house with lots of windows so we can see out and watch the birds and the rabbits and sometimes a Wallaby called Winifred comes to visit.  We are not allowed outside by ourselves because we would get sunburnt very easily but our Mum lets us out in the morning and again in the afternoon and we play in the garden.  Our Dad lets us go into his big shed which is great fun.  There are lots of places to hide and interesting smells.

Sometimes Alice and I have a fight and don’t talk to each other all day.  Little sisters can be a bit annoying and Alice is a bit silly.  She loves to play with her toy mouse but I don’t play games very much.  I’m a serious cat and I know what’s going on all the time.  Mum says I’m her dog in a cat suit.

Well, that is our story.  We are very lucky to have a lovely warm home and hope that all the animals at the shelter find a lovely home like ours.

Love from Lucy and Alice

(although I wrote this all myself and Alice didn’t help at all).

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