My name is “Boots”

In February this year 2017, I was adopted by a kind lady Dia, and came to live with her in a cottage at Sutton Forest. I had been at the shelter for four months. I want to let you all know that I am very happy in my new home. It has been both a challenge for me and Dia, because I have never had a real home before, however I am becoming more and more accepting and trusting of kindness and being loved.

There are two elderly Jack Russells who live with us – one is blind and one is deaf. I was very wary of them at first – but they are kind to me and I am not scared any more.
I live inside. There is a garden enclosure that I could go out to, but I am terrified to go outside. I am happy to sit on a stool at the door and look through the glass. I like to be up early so I can watch the ducks come up from the dam, watch the birds, and the occasional rabbit scurrying by.

I have a cosy bed tucked away in an enclosed crate in a quiet corner of the living room. I have two teddy bears that I took from the Jack Russells’ toy basket. When it is cold I always have a hot water bottle to keep me warm, and a lovely fireplace in the kitchen, of course when it is hot I enjoy lying on the wooden floors and keeping cool with the air-conditioner.

My favourite game is to snuggle under the floor rugs and wait for Dia to walk by and stalk her. Dia always gives me a cuddle when she puts me to bed of a night, and tells me she loves me and that she is blessed to have me – but it is I that is blessed. For the first time in my life I sleep content every night knowing that I am safe and loved, and I have a home and are never hungry.

As I snuggle up to my teddy bears I fall asleep dreaming of tomorrow when I can watch those ducks again – Merry Christmas

Love Boots XXX

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